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North York electric shock repair electrician in Thornhill & Toronto

If a hot wire touches an ungrounded pipe, sink, or any metal surface, it also becomes hot, giving shocks to anyone who touches an energized object. We come and eliminate this fault fast in Toronto and GTA
Electric shock repair electrician 289 819 1354

Scarborough bathroom plug gives an electric shock
eliminate electric shocks while taking a bath in Thornhill, ON
getting a shock when taking shower? Call us if you are in Brampton
getting shocks and need prevention & elimination electrician in Oakville, ON
kitchen sink, lamp, light fixture, fridge, toaster, fish tank, outdoor outlet, bath tub, etc.
use special GFCI protective devices in wet locations such as kitchen, bathroom and exterior

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ground bonding to gas pipe

Correctly wired three-pronged outlets are safest. Cutting off the round (ground) prong of a three prong male plug to fit power cord into an older two-pronged wall receptacle is dangerous. Vaughan emergency electrician installs ground fault interrupter breakers and outlets on circuits without proper grounding and stops the shocks in Etobicoke

Getting shocked from touching an outlet in Mississauga, or by a small appliance in Toronto, or anywhere in the GTA? To prevent injuries at home and work in North York, Ontario, make sure all devices, boxes, fixtures and appliances are properly installed and grounded. Wiring in Oakville should be performed, serviced and inspected by licensed Thornhill electricians