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Half my house is out of power electrician North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill & Thornhill

Is half of the house without power with no flipped breakers? Is it really half?

Check a 240V stove and/or electric dryer. Do they work EXACTLY as they did before?

This could be a problem at the street transformer in Thornhill, the wiring to your house in Richmond Hill, conductors before the meter in Vaughan, fault in the meter itself in North York, glitch in wiring further up to your main panel in Toronto, a defective main breaker in Maple, a failure within panel with connection or contact between the main breaker and one of the bus bars in Newmarket, or a flawed bus bar itself in Brampton.

A damaged sub panel could cause it too.

In 90% of cases this electrician figures out the problem in 30 minutes or less. Elimination of the cause usually takes another 5 to 20 minutes. Unless .....

Replacing burned or damaged parts could take hours. Rarely the whole service and panel should be changed, costing you from one thousand to three thousand dollars.

And it is NOT a DIY issue!

Call us to eliminate the outage quickly and safely in Richmond Hill, Vaughan or Thornhill

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