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One switch or set of lights controlled by that switch is not working

Light or switch is out of order in North York. I need a Richmond Hill or Thornhill electrician to fix a bad bulb, defective light or its part, broken switch or dimmer, damaged wire, poor connection, short anywhere in the circuit, bad fuse or breaker.

1 First of all, visually inspect the fixture(s) for any damage, defect, missing, broken parts and/or wires. Spun or twisted wire near the ceiling can directly pinpoint the defect.

2 Change the bulb(s). Before replacing, make absolutely sure the new bulbs are good and working.

Turn the switch on.

3 If visible, check the light fixture cord or wire with a non-contact voltage tester. Before using such tester, check if it is working by shoving its tip into a live outlet, or holding it against the cord of a lit lamp, working TV or toaster.

4 Slide the fixture's canopy down the chain or cord and test wires inside the outlet box. Or take the light down and test wires in the JB above the light.

5 Remove the cover plate and check the switch this way or with a non-contact voltage tester.

If the tester indicates voltage in steps 1-5, the problem is local at the switch, light or in-between. It's either: a bad bulb, or defective light or its part, a broken switch or dimmer, poor connection or damaged wire.

If the non-contact tester senses no power, the problem is before or in another place up the circuit and towards the breaker. Go and check or reset the breakers or change fuses.

If the light is still out, test every other light, appliance and plug in the property. Do not omit hidden and exterior ones.

Can you recall how, when and why it happened? What was the last thing you did and where that could cause this to happen? That particular action and/or spot could be a key to the problem. Investigate it next.

Did you do any work in the house like drilling or wall cutting? Did you recently change or install a dimmer, light, or wall plug. Plugging in a vacuum cleaner or a lamp, etc. in another room could have triggered this problem. And you may need to address the flaw at hand starting from that spot.

The preceding effort would help to pinpoint and eliminate 60% of all light and switch malfunctions. If still unsuccessful, you will need to call an electrician. Because further instructions or the full step-by-step troubleshooting manual could be too extended and complicated for the average homeowner.

If a switch or light is out of order, call a North York electrician