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Directional Drilling in North York

Horizontal directional drilling

Underground utility contractor in Toronto, ON

underground power line
gas, drain and water pipe
Underground infrastructure
Underground hydro services
Landscape Irrigation projects

Plowing, trenching and digging
Below grade wiring installations
trenchless water drain and sewer
Electrical Supply lines to buildings
Auger Truck drilling in North York

Temporary Service pole Installation
Natural GAS main and service pipes
Low Project cost & construction time
Pipe Installation under land & property
Trenchless irrigation sprinkler installation

Electrical conduit for wiring under surface
NO traffic interruptions. NO road closures
trench-less underground gas pipe installation
Water & sewer service, water & sewer main
Excavation, pipe bursting, hydrovac trenching

Real Estate & Community development project
Underground power cabling between utility poles
Electrical power supply service poles & light poles
Construction of concrete pole bases and foundation
excavation & underground infrastructure construction