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Electrician in North York

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House & condo small repairs. Office and building wiring Thornhill

Blown fuse
Power failure Electrician in North Yorkemergency electrician in North YorkHouse Electrician in North York
Panel upgrade
Service upgrades
Wiring and repairs
Breaker won't reset
Install outdoor lighting
New construction wiring
Residential & commercial
smoke fire alarm electricians
new house construction wiring
breaker won't stay in on position
Find and repair electrical problems
New house basement finishing wiring
Wiring new apartment in the basement
Basement wiring electrician in North York
Bend & install conduit, EMT, PVC, and rigid
TV cable fishing wire fishing behind finished wall
House renovation, building remodeling and additions
Knob and tube replacement in North York and Toronto
Tripping breaker, fuse emergency electrical troubleshooting
Install wire, light fixture, emergency lighting, electric equipment
Replace aluminum wiring; upgrade, make it safe without replacement

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When referring us to neighbors, peers and friends customers describe our company as “delivering unparalleled quality, speed, innovation and affordability” through the use of targeted, personalized, and creative services.

Passionate about individual customer experience, we generate solutions that match specific market demands while focusing on two main trends, the need to reduce the consumption of energy while creating a comfortable environment with productive work and cozy living spaces.

We strongly believe in moving forward with value-added functionality across all property types. The emphasis on quality is inherent all the way from the preparation phase right through to project completion, providing features that enhance safety, performance and reliability.

The value received by every customer easily surpasses an actual dollar amount influencing their future decisions. That is why providing customized turn-key solutions to end-users is our winning strategy. It builds better relationships, drives repeat business and attracts new word-of-mouth referrals.