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Small job electrician in North York. Short repair in Scarborough, Ontario

If a fast fix or short repair is needed

call We do NOT repair the guts of appliances, lamps & light fixtures

Our expertize is:

change a dimmer
tiny wiring project
troubleshoot a fuse
install appliance plug
Hardwire dishwasher
Install a ceiling socket
Switch troubleshooting
heater wiring electrician
1 light fixture installation
one wall plug replacement
install a single junction box
minor upgrade & installation
fast arrival to install one light
lost power in the living room
fish single wire in North York
replace one electrical outlet box
add a living room switch & light
short job install baseboard heater
Electrician in North York

To do a five minute repair, an electrician needs to drive to your place, do the work and get back after the job is done. It takes time and gas, especially during the high traffic and congestion hours

Therefore, we charge a minimum $160 service call fee, which includes sixty minutes or less of work for short jobs + $60/hr after the first hour if the problem takes more than one hour to fix. You will end up paying exactly as much as it takes or costs to do that small job

Quick house repair in Thornhill and simple fix in Vaughan, ON. Install a single light in Markham. I smell smoke in Maple Ontario house. Minor office repair electrician in North York and small condo rewiring in Woodbridge. LED lighting upgrade in Scarborough stores. Knock down wall rewiring in Brampton or replace exhaust fan in Vaughan