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North York Electrical Contractor

New building construction wiring in North York

from small repairs to LARGE commercial projects  

fast and affordable electrical contractor   
Small repairs
Electrical room

Fix power failure
New house wiring
inspection of wiring

equipment automation
erect & wire utility pole
New construction wiring

Machine & motor controls
horizontal directional drilling
Plaza Wiring & Maintenance
Transformer, motor, generator installation
building equipment conduit pipe installation
Office building wiring and electrical services

Minor upgrade in warehouse & conduit wiring
Partial or full LED upgrade. Ballast replacement
Install and repair heavy duty electrical equipment

complete or partial electrical renovation of building
install energy saving & energy management systems
North York shopping mall wiring & electrical service

Plant & factory wiring, maintenance & commissioning
Electrical contractor retail stores & commercial building
Refrigerator wiring, small fixture repair, new construction